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The Ingoing Armenian Resistance Artsakh, Rojava and the Diaspora!

Dear friends,

The anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is nearing, and, in times like these, we can imagine no better way to honor our fallen ancestors than to deepen our collective commitment to resilience and struggle. One of the most uplifting and important ways we can do that is to come together with like-minded Armenian collectives around the world and discuss our situation, our resistance and our aspirations.

• Introduction (ATİK)
• Trailer of the new film “Lusine” about revolutionary Armenians in Rojava, and Q&A with the filmmakers
• Hybrid-Online Panel: “The Ongoing Armenian Resistance: Artsakh, Rojava and the Diaspora”

Participants of the panel:
• Yerazad Coalition (USA/Turtle Island)
• Nubar Ozanyan Cultural Center (Rojava, NE Syria)
• Nor Zartonk (Istanbul, Turkey)
• Karena Avedissian, scholar (Yerevan, Armenia)
• Charjoum (Paris, France)
• Armor Coalition (New York, USA/Turtle Island)
• Ararat Collective (Berlin, Germany)

Date: April 21, 2024 starting 13:00 (Berlin, Paris time)/ 14:00 (Istanbul, Rojava time)/ 15:00 (Yerevan time)/ 7:00 (New York time)
Location: Auditorium, Café Arakil, Spore Initiative, Hermannstr. 86, 12051 Berlin

Online link: TBA

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