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Refugees are Dying of Starvation and Cold on Belarusian Polish Border!

Refugees are Dying of Starvation and Cold on Belarusian Polish Border!


At the Belarus-Polish border, thousands of refugees are waiting to come to Europe. According press and international aid organizations, tens of thousands of refugees have gathered at these border gates. Refugees, who set out to come to Poland and from there to Europe via Belarus, were stopped by the Polish state and are not allowed in. The Polish government, which almost declared war against the refugees, closed the borders with wire fences and gathered about 12 thousand soldiers at the border gates. Likewise, Lithuania, which refugees can use as a possible transit route, has closed its border gates.

According to the statements made by the International Solidarity with Refugees Institutions, dozens of refugees lost their lives due to hunger, cold and the resulting diseases. There is no sound news about the situation of the refugees, especially those who gathered at the Belarusian border gate. However, according to the information received, while dozens of people lost their lives, it is certain that hundreds more will die if no action is taken immediately.

Refugees are here because you are there!

Every year, millions of people must leave their countries due to wars, hunger, poverty, drought caused by environment and climate change. According to current figures, over 82 million people from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, Iraq, Turkey, and many African countries leave their country and live in any country as refugees. 42% of these are children under the age of 18.

People whose countries have been occupied, who have been subjected to war and violence, have to pass through illegally, since it is not possible to go to the countries they want and seek asylum. Just like thousands of refugees are exposed to at the Belarusian-Polish border today, thousands of people die every year while trying to cross borders and come to Europe. From 2014 to the first half of 2021, around 23,000 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Right to Asylum is an international right, it cannot be prevented by borders!

The current obstacles on the Polish border are against international human rights and freedoms. The right to asylum is a human right and every person can go to another country and seek asylum when their living space shrinks. This right cannot be hindered by putting up fences on the borders, massing security forces and fascist Nazi gangs on the borders. While the Polish state is trying to prevent the passage of refugees by massing tens of thousands of soldiers and security forces on the Belarusian border, fascist Neo-Nazi groups are attacking refugees by massing their gangs on the borders. There are reports that dozens of people, including children, were injured, and lost their lives in these attacks.

Call to democratic forces!

We, as democratic forces, must act urgently to save the lives of refugees held at the Polish-Belarus border. We call on the native and immigrant social opposition forces in Europe to act together and to be the voice of the immigrants on the Polish border by organising joint campaigns. We must increase the common struggle against the European countries by shouting the demands of the refugees in the streets of Europe.

The Right to Refuge is a Human Right, It Cannot be Prevented with Wire Fencing, Open the Borders!

Long live International Solidarity!

Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATİK)

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