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Global climate strike on 15 September 2023

Together against exploitation and oppression
The annual climate strike is coming up and the Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATİK) calls on you to participate in demonstrations around the world on this day. Let us make a powerful statement together, rising up against the ruling order.
Millions of people are on the run, not only from wars, but also from the devastating effects of the exploitation of nature. A system that puts profit above nature has led to the climate crisis and incalculable suffering. The capitalist system is the engine of this exploitation, making the powerful richer while the poorest bear the burden.
In Turkey, ten years after the Gezi resistance, protests against the deforestation of the Akbelen forest are again brutally put down and criminalised. Elif Şafak recently wrote: “In the fight to save the world’s forests, women are leading the resistance – From Turkey’s Akbelen forest to northern India and Brazil, rural women are resisting corporate chainsaw power”, and highlighted the prominent role of women in the climate struggle.
Let us be clear: The struggle against the climate crisis cannot be separated from an anti-imperialist struggle. The same order that destroys nature is also the one that exploits people in oppressed regions and fuels conflicts. We must recognise the connection and stand together against this deep-rooted injustice.
In Europe and elsewhere, climate activists are slandered and criminalised, even labelled as terrorists, as the “Last Generation” in Germany. This is a strategy to suppress resistance and silence those who speak the truth.
Let’s fill the streets on 15 September 2023 to make a strong statement against the exploitation of nature, the capitalist system and the repression of climate activists. Our voices unite in a cry for justice, freedom and a world worth living in for all.


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