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The crisis in the current system deepens every day. As a result, the gap between the rulers and the ruled is widening. In many countries around the world, attacks against social opposition forces are also intensifying. The pressure on those who criticize the system and express their reaction through various actions and activities is increasing with new legal regulations. Existing security laws, assembly and demonstration laws, and many other laws that determine basic rights are being toughened every day.

In many countries, against these attacks of the system, social opposition forces are organizing increasingly stronger resistance through street protests, workers’ and peasants’ strikes, and activities defending nature. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are being imprisoned and locked up in prisons under severe torture. New ones are being added every day, creating an army of political prisoners.

Conditions in prisons are getting worse

As it is clear from the presentations and reports prepared at the symposium we organized today, conditions in all prisons where political prisoners are held are getting more and more severe. Conditions of isolation and years of imprisonment impose a heavy price on the people. In addition, prisoners are systematically subjected to severe torture in custody and in all prisons. Especially in prisons, due to the lack of measures against the corona pandemic, many prisoners who already have health problems are facing more and more serious illnesses. Despite many international campaigns, prisoners with severe health problems are not released and are almost left to die.

Today we have seen once again that it is very important that revolutionary, democratic, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist forces all over the world have a common attitude towards prisons and we hope that the symposium we have organized will be a step towards this common struggle.  

Participants from the Philippines, Iran, Palestine, Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey agreed on the following proposals for further steps:  

1. The International Symposium will be expanded in terms of participation and scope and organized every 18 March.

2. Creation of a common mailing group.

3. Support and solidarity of all participating organizations with the campaigns on political prisoners in individual countries.

4. To organize solidarity actions and campaigns in other countries when there is an attack on political prisoners in any country.

5. Establishing joint committees in individual countries and aiming for wider unity based on this experience and practice

6. Sending cards and letters to prisoners, visiting them, monitoring their trials


March 18, 2023



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