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ATİK – UPOTUDAK: 18 March; International Day of Political Prisoners, FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!

18 March; International Day of Political Prisoner

Every year, on the International Day of Political Prisoners on 18 March, we have to face the reality that thousands of people in many countries of the world are imprisoned for their views and subjected to severe torture. Because the crisis in the current system is intensifying day by day. As a result, the contradictions between the rulers and the ruled are getting deeper and deeper. Therefore, attacks against social opposition forces are increasing in many countries of the world. The pressure on those who criticise the system and express their reaction through various actions and activities is increasing with new legal regulations. Existing security laws, assembly and demonstration laws and many other laws that determine fundamental rights arebeing toughened day by day.

In many countries, social opposition forces are organising increasingly strong resistances against these attacks of the system through street protests, workers’ and peasants’ strikes and activities in defence of nature. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are imprisoned under severe torture and locked up in prisons. New ones are being added to them every day, creating an army of political prisoners.

The conditions in prisons are getting more and more severe.

Prisoners are subjected to enemy law Prison conditions are becoming more and more severe in all countries. Conditions of isolation and years of imprisonment make people pay a heavy price. In addition, prisoners are systematically subjected to severe torture in all prisons. Especially due to the lack of measures against the corona pandemic in prisons, many prisoners who already had health problems faced more and more serious illnesses. Despite many international campaigns, prisoners with severe health problems are not released and are almost left to die.

Prisoners are subjected to enemy law

The system applies enemy law against political prisoners in prisons. Since those who are not like themselves, who do not think like themselves and who resist against the system are seen as enemies, they are subjected to all kinds of attacks, oppression, torture and massacres. As in Iran, political prisoners in many countries are punished with the death penalty because they are seen as enemies.

Special practices against the pioneers of the revolutionary struggle are increasing day by day. After the mass uprising in Iran, thousands of people were imprisoned and subjected to severe torture. As a result of intense attacks on the masses condemning the coup in Peru, many people lost their lives and hundreds of demonstrators were detained and arrested. Mumia Abu-Jamal of the Black Panther movement in the USA, Palestinian freedom resisters, Georges Abdallah and Ahmad Saadat who have been imprisoned for many years in France, Dr GN Saibaba in India, Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and tens of thousands of political prisoners in Turkish prisons are subjected to harsh conditions.

Attacks are also increasing in European countries

Attacks against local and immigrant revolutionaries are intensifying in European countries. With the new laws enacted in many countries, especially in Germany and France, the forces criticising and struggling against the imperialist capitalist system are attacked in street protests, mass arrested and imprisoned in prisons for long years. Based on Article 129 a and b of the German constitution, immigrant revolutionaries are sentenced to long years in prison for their struggle against the fascist oppression in their own countries. Especially revolutionaries from Kurdistan and Turkey are exposed to this attack the most. Dozens of revolutionaries are currently being held in German prisons.

Let’s make the voice of the prisoners heard in the fields

As UPOTUDAK; We call on all local and migrant organisations to be sensitive to create public opinion in Europe against human rights violations in prisons and to shout the voice of prisoners on the streets. On this occasion, we call on you to support the international symposium we will organise in Stuttgart on 18 March 2023.

Freedom for all political prisoners!

Long live international solidarity!

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