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Freedom For Muslum Elma


Müslüm Elma has been detained in Germany for 5 years. Although 9 of his friends, who were arrested together, were released pending trial, Müslüm Elma is still detained in the Munich prison. Despite being in the high risk group of the Corona pandemic that is affecting the entire world, where thousands of people die every day,  that is so infectious, the fact that Müslüm Elma is still kept in prison is the approach of the courts committee’s laws of animosity.

Five years ago, Müslüm Elma and nine other friends were arrested during an operation carried out in cooperation between Turkey and Germany on 15th April 2015 in Germany, Greece, Switzerland, and France.  On June 17, 2016, the criminal case against the ten revolutionaries began in the Higher Regional Court of Munich. Based on the paragraphs § 129 a and b of the German penal code they are charged with membership or leadership in the Communist Party of Turkey Marxist / Leninist are being tried because of their politiical views.

Who is Müslüm Elma?

Müslüm Elma was born in 1960 in Dersim as a child of a Kurdish and Alevi family. Already during his school years in high school, he was politically active. Because of these activities, he had to later withdraw from university. His life reflects the repressive and cruel policies of the Turkish state towards Communists and Kurds.

Shortly after the military coup of 12 September 1980, Müslüm Elma was arrested for his political activities in Diyarbakır. Following his arrest, he was subjected to inhuman torture at the interrogation centres of Antep, Elazig, Urfa, and Diyarbakir for over six months, and then transferred to Diyarbakir’s notorious No. 5 Prison.

The torture continued during his detention in the dungeon of Diyarbakir. To protest them, he participated in the years 1983 and 1984 over a long period of time on death fast actions. As a result of the death fast and the torture endured, he still suffers from significant health problems.

Müslüm Elma was released from the dungeon of Diyarbakir in 1992, but re-arrested, tortured and imprisoned a year later, in November 1993. After a long term of imprisonment, he was released in 2002, following the death fast action that began in 2000.

Due to the torture he suffered in the many years of his detention in Turkey, the resulting health problems and the existing mortal danger, Müslüm Elma was forced to leave Turkey. In 2009, his asylum application was granted in Germany.

Müslüm Elma spent many years in prison in Turkey for his political views. Today he is imprisoned in Germany, also because of his political views. The basis of the allegations against him are information that has been transmitted by Turkish security authorities to the German security authorities. Given that the police officers who provide and sign this information are being detained for document falsification in Turkey and the fact that Müslüm Elma is being prosecuted based on these documents, is a violation of rights and freedoms.

That Müslüm Elma is detained solely because of this political identity has been confirmed several times during this long process. For the liberation of Müslüm Elma, we call on all to protest by writing petitions to The Higher Regional Court of Munich ([email protected]) or the Federal Ministry of Justice ([email protected])

Freedom for Müslüm Elma!
Freedom for all political prisoners!

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